Ebooks which you can download:

Patrick Kelly : an exceptionally short introduction to the subject of free-energy, it reaching the marketplace and twenty different ways to access free-energy." size 224 Kb.

Sir Oliver Lodge "Modern Views of Electricity" : an exceptional book on electricity, magnetism, electrostatics, radiation, etc." size 27 Mb.

Sir Oliver Lodge "The Ether of Space" a book which gives an in-depth coverage of the subject." size 9 Mb.

Sir Oliver Lodge "The Nature and Properties of Negative Electricity" a 230-page book by a talented man who was among other things, a Fellow of the Royal Society and Professor of Physics of University College, Liverpool." size 22 Mb.

The Evolution of Matter Very important book by Gustav Le Bon which has been suppressed for decades. size 7 Mb. epub format  

The Evolution of Forces Very important book by Gustav Le Bon. size 10 Mb.

Don Smith: A document from Donald Lee Smith showing several of his many multi-kilowatt free-energy devices. size 2 Mb.

Moray B. King: A very extensive investigation into the special properties of water, element transmutation, and related topics size 13 Mb.

Dr Aspden: Physics Without Einstein by Dr. Harold Aspden size 13 Mb.

Dr Aspden: Modern Aether Science by Dr. Harold Aspden size 7 Mb.

Dr Aspden: Unified Physics by Dr. Harold Aspden size 10 Mb.

Dr Valone: An introduction to the science of Tesla by Thomas Valone PhD size 14.5 Mb.

Daniel Davis: Manual of Magnetics (1842) shows technology from before it was suppressed. size 5 Mb.

Maurice Cotterell: An amazing description and analysis of electron spin and how it affects gravity, an explanation of the true structure of atoms, why neutrons are essential, what gravity is, how and why matters attracts, how permanent magnetism works, why iron is a magnetic material, the nature of dark matter, why galaxies are spiral in shape, why the centre of the Earth is hot, and why the Earth has a magnetic field. size 2.9 Mb.

Nikola Tesla: The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla by Thomas Commerford Martin (500 pages) size 36 Mb. Background download  

The Tesla Coil: Haller and Cunningham's book on building and using a Tesla Coil (actually building a coil of this type is only for people who are already experienced in using high-voltage circuits) size 2.5 Mb. Background download

Karl Schappeller: Cyril Davson's Book on Karl Schappeller "The Physics of the Primary State of Matter" size 48 Mb. or the Summary of Schappeller's free-energy device by Henry Stevens
size 183 Kb.

Note: I would like to direct you to where you could buy Joseph Newman's important book, but as far as I am aware, it is not available at this time.

Newman Part 1: "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman" size 18 Mb.  : Background download

Newman Part 2: "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman" size 20 Mb.  : Background download

Newman Part 3: "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman" size 15 Mb.  : Background download

Newman Part 4: "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman" size 14 Mb.  : Background download

Newman Part 5: "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman" size 32 Mb.  : Background download

                 Download of the complete book (95 Mb)     Alternative download     Joseph Newman's web site

Donald A. Kelly: The 'Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems' eBook by Donald A. Kelly, issued in 1991.   size 13 Mb. Background download

T. H. Moray: "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" fourth edition by Thomas Henry Moray size 402 Kb.

John Moray: "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats" fifth edition by John Moray, the son of Thomas Henry Moray size 40 Mb. Background download

Alexander Frolov: Fuel-less thrust - how nanotechnology provides major thrust in air without the use of any fuel (this is a commercial venture which can be joined at this time). size 1.2 Mb.

Dan Davidson: Shape Power - how shape is important in the conversion of ambient energy into more recognisable forms. size 5 Mb.

ZPower: "Zero Point Energy" from Reed N. Huish's website www.zpower.com which is dedicated to helping the world move to clean free-energy sources of practical power. size 1 Mb.

Shinichi Seike: Ultra Relativity by Shinichi Seike size 8 Mb. Background download  

Ultrasonics: Ultrasonics by Blitz: ultrasonics causes electrically charged cavitation bubbles in water and the charge causes electrolysis - while not free-energy, this may be of interest. size 30 Mb. Background download  

Stan Meyer: A 140-page test report on Stanley Meyer's "Water Fuel Cell" low input power water-splitter system. size 10 Mb.  

Magnetos: A very simple explanation of how magnetos work and how they can be built. size 9 Mb.

Tesla Patents The complete set of all the published patents of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla article A 1919 article by Nikola Tesla on the transmission of power.

Vladimir Utkin The insights of Vladimir Utkin on accessing free-energy.

Rosemary Ainslie A COP=17 heater design from Rosemary Ainslie, 250 page documentation by Panacea-bocaf and a shorter simplified description also from Panacea-bocaf

Special Electromagnet A method of making an electromagnet which can attach to non-ferrous metals.

Here is a set of very professionally produced free-energy magazines from some years ago. They are produced by Alexander V. Frolov whose web site is www.faraday.ru. Most of these issues are about 4 Mb in size.
Issue 1   Issue 2   Issue 3   Issue 4   Issue 5   Issue 6   Issue 7   Issue 8  Issue 9   Issue 10   Issue 11
Issue 12   Issue 13   Issue 14   Issue 15   Issue 16   Issue 17   Issue 18   Issue 19   Issue 20   Issue 21   Issue 22
Contents listing for these magazines   Background download for all issues in one folder (123 Mb)

Current Research Status: details of the current status of many of the projects of these Russian scientists (1.5 Mb).

Einstein Error: why Einstein's neglect of the aether was a major mistake (3.5 Mb)

Medical Remedy: Colloidal Silver - a simple homemade remedy for most illnesses: cancer, AIDS, Lyme's disease, arthritic pain, skin burns, etc. size 60 Kb.   HTML

Cure All Cancers: Cancer cures by Hulda Clark. size 3.5 Mb.

Cure All Diseases: Cures for general illnesses by Hulda Clark. size 5.1 Mb.

Lab Manual: Additional information from Hulda Clark size 2.5 Mb.

Bob Beck: Spectacular medical treatments described by Bob Beck. size 900 Kb.

Bryson: The Toxic Fluoride Deception - ten years of research. size 13 Mb.

Kevin Galalae: Why Water, Milk & Salt Fluoridation Is Making Our Children Infertile, Feeble-Minded & Ill - the facts in detail. size 4 Mb.

Brownstein: Extraordinary Healing - The Amazing Power of Your Body's Healing System. size 18 Mb.

Kendrick: The Great Cholesterol Con (The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It) by Malcolm Kendrick. size 5 Mb.

Dr Frederick Strong: (the Medical Uses of) High-Frequency Currents published 1908 by Frederick Finch Strong MD, 280 pages 180 illustrations. size 38 Mb.